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Your Ceremony is the main event of your Celebration and without the Officiant, it would just be a big party!


Ana Aguiar
Ordained Minister & Notary Public

Ana's nurturing and positive vibes will assure that your easy breeze ceremony is perfect for your destination wedding. This "Fresh Water" Conch has been living the Key West life since the mid 60's and loves sharing it with all destination couples and guests. 


Joy Nulisch
Ordained Minister

Joy's charismatic personality is the perfect match for couples looking to keeping it light.  She is the real deal local; born and raised in Key West and the proof is her "Boston meet Country" accent which is synonymous with being a true Conch! 

CARL N COUPLE 2_edited.jpg

Carl Ferrette
Ordained Minister & Notary Public

Carl's stature and quiet demeanor exudes calm and reverence; until he throws in some off the wall humor giving him that gentle giant vibe! A Key West transplant from New Jersey since 1998 enjoying the island life and promoting healthy living as a Yoga Instructor. 



Intimate and Casual



Festive and Enchanting

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Reliving your Big Day


Big Day Process

  • The couple is responsible for obtaining their Marriage License and:

    • Appear together at any Florida courthouse with a State ID or Passport

    • Provide their last divorce "date" if applicable

  • Only Florida residents have a 3-day waiting period

    • Florida Residents must apply by Tuesday for a Friday or Weekend ceremony

  • Witnesses are not mandatory in Florida

  • Your Officiant retains your Marriage License upon arrival

    • Emails or texts you a copy of the completed document

    • Sends to the corresponding courthouse for recording 

    • Originating Courthouses mails ML to couple after recording to address on file within 3 weeks

  • Your Officiant arrives 30 minutes prior to the ceremony to go over the final details

    • Collects Marriage License (ML) from the coordinator, couple, or assigned person

    • ​Confirms the couple has the rings and who will hold them​​

    • Goes over the ceremony with the couple, escort, readers, and participants

    • Confirms rituals are ready at ceremony table or completes set-up as needed

    • Departs with ML in hand to complete and deliver to the corresponding courthouse

For more Key West and Florida Keys Courthouse locations

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